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The Wonder
Brothers in Christ
More Than…(Lebih dari semua)
Preach The Word
He Humbled Me
Blessed Be You
Father of Faith (Abraham)
Jesus on My Mind (The Rock)
Feel So Good
Blessed Be You (Acoustic)
Christmas Day
The Truth About Christmas
Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
For The Lord is Good (Instrumental)
The First Noel (Instrumental)

Anxiety Free Living (1 - 4)
Creation Day (1 – 12)
Fasting Without Hypocrisy (1 – 2)
Our God breathed the Bible (1 – 2)
The Gospel According to Jesus (1 – 2)
The Autenticity of The Risen Savior (1 – 2)
The Call to Repentance (1 – 3)
The Cost of Discipleship (1 – 2)
The Doctrine of Scripture (1)
The Glory of The Lord (1 – 2)
The Humility and Exaltation of Christ (1 – 2)
The Incarnation of the Triune God
The Nature of Saving Faith (1 – 2)
The Song of Security
The Sovereignity
The Sufficiency of Christ Alone (1 – 2)
The Work of The Word (1 – 4)
Who is Jesus (1 – 2)
Coming Alive in Christ
Dealing with Problem People (1 – 2)
Divine Promises Guaranteed (1 – 2)
FCA Self Discipline (1 – 3)
FCA Thankfulness (1 – 2)
Giving Thanks in Everything
Introduction to Ephesians
Our Resources in Christ (1 – 3)
Praying Unceasingly
Redemption through His Blood
Rejoicing Always
Responding to God’s Word (1 – 2)
The Body Form in Eternity (1 – 4)
The Majestic Jesus
The Marvelous Birth of King
The Miraculuous Jesus (1 – 2)
The Mysterious Jesus
The People Who Missed Christmas
The Shepherd’s Responsibilities (1 – 2)
The True Christmas Spirit (1 – 2)
Proclaiming Forgiveness to the World
Q & A (1 – 2)
The Purifying Hope (1 – 3)
Be Not Drunk With Wine (1 – 4)
A Theology of Hope
Be Filled with the Spirit (1 – 7)
A Biblical Responses to the Church Growth Movement (1 - 2)
Non Negotiable of the Church Honoring God’s Word
Five Reasons to Preach the Word
Hot Button Question Bible (1 – 2)
Hacking Agag to Pieces (1 – 2)
Fifteen Words of Hope
Experiencing the Presence of God
How to Play Church
Jesus is Coming
The Key to Maintaining Family Unity
The Messengers of the King
The Perseverence of the Saints (1 – 6)
Where Heaven Is and What It Is Like

SERMON COLLECTIONS (for specific members only):
Even Greater Things (HS)
Kesabaran dalam melakukan hal-hal yang lebih besar (BH)
Kasih dalam melakukan hal-hal yang lebih besar (JS)
Menghadapi Godaan (BK)
Arti Berbahagia di dalam Tuhan (HS)
Berbahagialah orang yang miskin di hadapan Allah (HS)
Berbahagialah orang yang berdukacita (BH)
Berbahagialah orang yang lemah lembut (BK)
Berbahagialah orang yang lapar dan haus akan kebenaran (HS)
Berbahagialah orang yang murah hati (HS)
Berbahagialah orang yang suci hatinya (BK)
Berbahagialah orang yang membawa damai (BH)
Special Lessons for Couples (HS & VS)
Berbahagialah kamu jika karena Aku kamu dianiaya (BH)
Apa makna Paskah bagi hidup saya (HS)
Conflict Resolution (HS & VS)
Conflict Resolution Part 2 (HS & VS)
Conflict Resolution Part 3 (HS & VS)
Hati Seorang Hamba (HS)
Kualitas Hati Seorang Hamba (BH)
Hamba atau Relawan (BH)
Hati Seorang Hamba (BK)
The Heart of A Servant (VS)
The Will of God (HS)
Do you really want to know God’s will (HS)
Kehendak Tuhan bagi pribadi saya (BH)
Restoring Our First Love (WK)
Restoring Our First Love Part 1 (HS)
Restoring Our First Love Part 2 (HS)
Restoring Our First Love (MT)
Restoring Our First Love (BK)
How to Keep Your Romance Alive (IA)

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