Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Jesus on My Mind

Inspired by Peters Life
Music Arrangement: Arrows Band

Song & Lyrics: Pierre Jacobs

At the lowest point of my life
One woman came and asked
Do you know the arrested man?
I said woman I don't know Him
Then two other people asked me too
I said:"No, I don't know Him."
And suddenly I heard the rooster crowed
Then I remember what He's said

Oh Lord2 to take this evil out of my mind 4x

I remember my time with Him
When He asked me to follow Him
I left everything behind
Trust in Him my life and soul
He's my best friend at all time
He is God who's close to me
And I cried for my mistake
I said Jesus forgive me Lord

Oh yeah yeah Jesus on my mind 4x
I am back to my old life
I lost the man the man who dream
But Jesus called me back
He has awaken from the death
I knew now that He's the truth
He kept His promise until now

Oh Yes Yes Jesus on my mind
Jesus on...Jesus on...Jesus on my mind

Copyright (c) 2010 by Naek @ NMQT

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