Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Brothers in Christ

Arrangement and Music: Runir and Aboen
Song & Lyrics: Pierre Jacobs

Dedicated to All Disciples All Over the World

Here we are, standing hand in hand
Here we are, standing with one goal
Here we are, loving one another
We are brothers in Christ

Here we are, reading at the same lines
Here we are, praising in His name
Here we are, forgetting our past
We are brothers in Christ

There are times we are in trouble
There are times we get so sad
There are times we feel so far away
Still we are brothers in Christ

Here we are sitting in this place
Dreaming one day together in His place
Here He answers many of our prayers
Cause He loves us so much

Here the good news preached by His man
Here the bad news will not stop us now
Here together in front of our God, we say:
"We are brothers in Christ"

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